Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I pay for?
You will pay for having access to our carbon footprint that was specifically developed for the purpose of supporting hotels to take first steps towards becoming more sustainable. Furthermore, you will have access to our customer support and expertise to improve your sustainability performance.
2. Why do I need to measure my carbon footprint as a hotel?
The methodology provides hotels with the carbon footprint which is useful as a response to current industry pressure for a better sustainability performance. You will be able to share your performance with your guest and improve your transparency.
3. Does my data have to be externally verified?
Your data is self-declaration does not have to be externally verified since we are relying on the truthful provision of your data input.
4. Who is involved in the development of the Hotel Carbon Footprint?
The Hotel Carbon footprint is a joint project of Bookdifferent and Peterson Projects and Solutions.
5. How often do I need to fill in the data?
The calculations are required to be performed once every reporting year that is 12 months.
6. How do I obtain energy consumption data?
Energy consumption data can be obtained from energy invoices or meter readings for the reporting period.
7. How long will the process take?
It only takes 15 minutes to fill in the data on the tool, but it does take more time to collect the data. This depends on how organized and readily this data is available. 4 hours is a good estimation for this. Usually it takes hotel around (?) hours.
8. Why are refrigerants included separately?
Refrigerants have a very high global warming potential (GWP) and results into high GHG value. Hence, they are included.
9. What about seasonality? Will that be considered?
Even though we realize that there are variations of data throughout the year, we will not take seasonality into account.
10. Why report on occupied rooms instead of total rooms?
The functional unit is used as occupied room to bring uniformity in the carbon footprint calculation.
11. What if my hotel was closed part of the year?
We will recognize the number of days that your hotel is actually open.
12. How do I know if my carbon footprint is good or bad?
We will provide you with a benchmark on best practices and you will be able to compare your carbon footprint with the one of your competitors.
13. What if my competitor has a lower carbon footprint?
This could have several reasons. Nevertheless, measuring your carbon footprint will be the first step of addressing the problem.
14. How do I reduce my energy consumption?
We can share some guidelines of how you will be able to reduce your energy consumption.
15. How about other environmental issues such as waste, water, product life, cycle assessment, food procurement etc.?
CO2 emission indicators are the most common one, even though we recognize the importance of other environmental issues. Over period of time we plan to develop the tool to be more inclusive for other impacts.

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