We would like to give you a warm welcome to Hotel Carbon Footprint!

Thank you for your interest in taking the next steps towards reaching your sustainability goals.

Travelers worldwide are becoming more conscious and taking sustainability into the account of their decision process. This online user-friendly tool is an opportunity for you to stand out for your guests and to showcase your environmental commitments. It is our mission to guide you through measuring and reporting on your carbon footprint in a more consistent way and support you in communicating your sustainability achievements.

Rising carbon emissions have contributed to climate change, which has already greatly affected our communities, health, well-being and the wider global economy. The growing awareness of these sustainability issues have accelerated the trend for greater transparency in carbon reporting throughout all industries including the hotel sector.

The Hotel Carbon Footprint is a tool specifically designed to report on your carbon emissions and is based on HCMI methodology.

Our team will assist and consult you with any matters throughout the whole process.

This tool is a product of the partnership with bookdifferent.com and Peterson.

If you have questions, please contact info@hotelcarbonfootprint.com or view our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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